How much money can green car parts save you?

Have you ever looked at the price of a new car part and found yourself reluctantly paying out £1000s just for one single part?

Something as simple as replacing your AC/Heater controller could cost you an absolute fortune – all for the sake of keeping you cool on your hot, afternoon commute home.

In the current financial climate, buying a brand new car part isn’t something that anyone wants to pay out for lightly. But with thousands of different parts that keep your motor running, one day you’re inevitably going to find yourself paying out to replace a faulty part.

So, let’s delve into why you should consider replacing new parts with green parts, and find out just how much money you could be saving.

‘Not only are you saving money when buying green parts, you’re also saving the planet.’

How expensive are new car parts?

With COVID-19, Brexit, and European driver shortages in the UK, there’s been a decrease in the availability of Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM). This has led to a 44% increase in OEM parts prices since 2013, and in some cases the parts have been unavailable to order for months at a time.
(Source: Gesamtverbands der deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft or GDV)

Fortunately for us all, the popular e-commerce company eBay has become a prime distribution route for salvage and refurbishment outlets. They say that green parts can cost considerably less on their website compared to the sticker price of a new equivalent.

There’s a clear demand for recycled parts as eBay also says how new car part imports are dropping by around 2% each year and the sales of green parts have risen by 24% in 2021.

Not only are recycled or green parts hugely cost-effective, but they’re also faster to find and faster to buy, as eBay estimates 90% of its parts are available for next-day delivery.

Save money and the planet when you purchase a green part

How much money can green car parts save me?

With the constant rising costs in today’s financial climate, it’s no wonder green parts are becoming increasingly popular.

At Overton Automotive, 95% of every car we take in is recycled. Our salvage yards, which you can find across the country, have a stock of over 74,000 guaranteed recycled green parts on our shelves and 195,000 parts on our vehicles ready for removal.

With such a large stock, you could save up to 75% off with our green parts compared to manufacturers’ new car parts. Not only are you saving money when buying green parts, you’re also saving the planet. With every green part, you can save an average of 30kg CO2 emissions.

How can I purchase a green car part?

Luckily, with Overton Automotive’s green parts service it’s easy to find exactly what car part you’re looking for.

Head over to our eBay store where you can find thousands of green car parts and save yourself up to 75% off.

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